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TU Undergraduate Flayer Final

The Vice – Chancellor’s Message

Happy New Year and a peaceful 2018.

I am pleased to welcome all our students, staff, parents, guardians and visitors to the Trinity University Website; we greatly appreciate your interest. The University has positioned itself to become an outstanding institution of higher learning and research. I therefore invite all students and members of staff to strive for contributions that will make Trinity University (TU) a national and an international centre of learning.

Trinity University is a private Christian University established to attain the highest educational standards and to complement service delivery from existing universities. It is a university that will provide dynamic leadership in the delivery of tertiary education, not only defining our traditions as Christians but also their relevance to current needs in the 21st century and beyond. As a Christian University, TU will encourage the pursuit of academic achievement without compromising the importance of faith in peoples’ lives. Thus, the programmes being offered at the University will reflect this conviction.

The key initial academic programmes of the University have  been developed through a needs assessment by talking to leaders in the education sector, health sector, industry and economic sub-sectors, church leaders and students coming out of existing conventional, as well as Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Universities. This approach from the outset demonstrates that TU will not impose programmes, but develop relevant programmes which are pertinent and responsive to the needs of our nation, communities, continent and the world at large. In time, we expect the University to develop and enlarge to meet the needs of future generations, but still remain relevant at all times. It is our mission to deliver high quality, insightful and innovative educational programmes in order to become the premier university in our nation, and the region.

Our primary goal is therefore, stated in our motto, to educate for excellence and innovation and stimulate a quest for more knowledge through well-guided research.

TU aims at equipping learners with exceptional academic and professional knowledge that is unequivocally essential in overcoming challenges in one’s personal and public life. The University focuses further at producing graduates that are equipped with good and dynamic leadership qualities that are indispensable in meeting national and global challenges, especially those which are social, economic, scientific and technological in nature. It is in this belief that the academic programmes offered at the University, notwithstanding learners’ religious inclinations reflect Zambia’s needs and cultural and traditional identity as people belonging to the global world.

We will therefore, not compromise our demand for scholastic excellence from all academic staff as well as students, as guided by our Christian principles and heritage, which emphasise that intellectual and spiritual pursuits go hand in hand, as essential ingredients for the sustainable growth and development of the whole person. It is our aspiration that Trinity University graduates will reflect that heritage.

I am happy to announce the commencement of the Diploma in Registered Nursing Programme, recently accredited by the General Nursing Council of Zambia (GNCZ) on Practicing License No. 073.

I therefore invite all our visitors to this site to give us a feedback, especially on our academic programmes; all your suggestions are most welcome.

Dr Henry M. Musenge

Vice Chancellor