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Academic Programmes

The initial academic programmes of the university have been developed through a needs assessment by talking to leaders in industry and economic sub-sectors, church leaders and students coming out of existing conventional, as well as Open and Distance Learning (ODL) institutions. This approach from the outset demonstrates that Trinity University will not impose imported theoretical programmes which are not responsive to the needs of our nation, communities, continent and the world. In time, we expect the university to develop and expand to meet the growing needs of future generations, but still remain relevant at all times.

Mode of delivery

The mode of delivery of academic programmes is conducted formal and Open and Distance Learning (ODL). The University operates on a semester system, consisting of two (2) semesters in a year.


Entry Qualifications 

The decision about entrance requirements is entirely at the discretion of the University. The Senate of the university sets minimum entrance requirements for each academic programme. In addition, the university spells out specific requirements for individual programmes. In every case, the minimum entrance requirements are:

Undergraduate programme

Five (5) ‘O’ level credits at School Certificate level including English.

1 year exemption for those with Diplomas from recognised institutions.

Admission Requirements for Diploma Programmes

A full Grade 12 certificate with at least three (3) ‘O’ level Credits will be needed.

Master programmes

A Bachelors degree in a relevant field of study taken from higher education institutions recognised by the university.


A Masters degree in a relevant field of study taken from higher education institutions recognised by the university.

Admission criteria and justification

The university admits students on merit and without discrimination based on disability, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, race or political affiliation. A good number of Grade 12 school leavers and teachers with certificate and diploma qualifications may be eligible to study at Trinity University for diploma and degree programmes.