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Our Values

The University cherishes and underpins four values in the provision of high tertiary education.

The four values are summed up as GIPH:-

G: Stands for Generosity

Generosity involves a spirit of sharing available resources. Trinity University would like to share its professional expertise and spiritual resources with the needy, through giving back a gift of high education to the Zambian people in appreciation of their diverse forms of support. Thus the university endeavors to plough back a gift of high quality tertiary education to the Zambian people in appreciation of their patience and endurance.

IStands for Industry

Through Industry we call our general staff, lecturers and students to commit themselves to hard work and follow the example of perseverance exhibited by the Zambian people in all situations. Further, the university highly values hard work and calls for partnership with stakeholders from the industry sub-sector in order to facilitate the utilization of acquired knowledge to transform the country’s abundant raw materials into finished goods and in the process promote value addition.

P: Stands for Prudence

Carefulness and good judgment are expected from general workers, teaching staff and students when handling other people’s affairs, such as learning materials, assignments and examination scripts. In this regard the university calls for carefulness and good judgement when handling other people’s affairs. This also applies to the university staff in handling students’ issues.

H: Stands for Honesty

Honesty is one of our cherished cultural and Christian values which defines our core character as a Christian university. Regardless of one’s religious affiliation, honesty is one of the university’s highly cherished values which cannot be compromised.

Goals and objectives

The university aims at realizing its mission and vision through the following goals and objectives:


Our main goal is to provide high quality tertiary education in response to national, regional and global development needs, particularly in the following sub-sectors:

Education, Health, Business, Social, Religion, Law, Physical Sciences, Life sciences and Research.